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This year has come around in great things, at least we have something to remember for 2017 among the great thing that have happened this year was the launch of the Zeit Museum of Contemporary African Art in cape town. This is the first public institution to be devoted solely to contemporary African Art. This not only gives pride to Africans but also for its standard puts as some what close to countries Known for Art Museums like Great Britain, France Spain among others . it is a one of its kind in Africa, with works by the greatest Artist in African Art.

According to Sibeko only 12 countries in Africa have atleast one contemporary art gallery. The museum has brought exciting opportunity to may African artists and photographers to show case their work at an international level. One of the Arist from Zimbabwe Kudazanai chiurai said “It’s incredible to have my work shown at the museum,” said Chiurai. “But what you have to consider is the museum will be there for the next 600 years and it’s not just a reflection of my lifetime. It will change, and for me, that’s the exciting part. There might not be a need for a museum in 300 or 400 years’ time.”


An African single air transport market will be launched in January 2018 with 40 plus countries expected to be signatories by then. So far 20 African countries out of 54 have subscribed to African single air market. Closed air skies cost Africa more than $700 million in 2015, and more than $800 million in 2016, whereas Europe made more profits amounting to $35.6billion in 2016 according to the International air transport Association (IATA) data.

“Unless we open the skies and remove these barriers we shall make more losses,” said Dr. Elijaha Chingosho, Secretary General of the African Airlines Association (AFRAA). “When our skies are closed it is harder to make air transport safer, more reliable and more affordable. The growth of business will depend on vibrant aviation,” Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame said.

President Paul Kagame was speaking during a conference at the opening of a two-day second Aviation Africa (avaf) Summit taking place in the capital Kigali. A single air transport market is one of the goals of AU’s Agenda 2063, aiming to connect Africa through aviation and other transport infrastructure to achieve integration and boost intra-Africa trade. The single air transport market also aims to boost African nations” tourism, economic growth and economic development.


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