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Have you been to Serena Hotel, Kigo? Goodness, you should. It almost feels like a slice of heaven. The dazzling beauty, the well-conserved greenery, the unadulterated breeze from Lake Victoria. This place redefines nature. It’s the green golf course that grabs your attention. It almost looks like God’s green pillow. Neat. Well-trimmed. This is conservation to the dot. And we credit Serena Hotel for retaining the beauty of nature. The golf course is right at the foot of Lake Victoria sparkling waters which makes it more lovely, doesn’t it?

Golfers tee away into nature’s arms. What makes this golf course stand out from the rest is its sheer beauty. It’s spotless look. It’s not just the t-one creeping bent grass, but its vista, its stunning view. Here, you stand and feel nature embracing you. Land and water meet in a beautiful matrimony. The golf course is artificially designed to the standards of PGA. Currently, it stands as the best golf course in East Africa. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because the golf course ticks all the boxes. It’s been well-conserved to give your eyes a treat.

It gives one the best opportunity to have a great game yet admiring the beautiful art. It gives the environment biodiversity. This is through the numerous ponds that have been created around the golf course. It makes you appreciate conservation and nature at its best. Construction of the course did not whip away the nature but rather worked around it.

This is vividly said by the swamps that still exist in the golf course as of now. For the love of green games let’s conserve nature. After all, what is golf course on a non-green space? Serena Hotel leads by example when it comes to conserving the environment without disrupting the golfers.

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