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There is always a lot going on events celebrations among others and in most cases its upon us to tell which one is worth your time and attendance last year, my remarkable event of the year that I attended was the Kwita Izina as inspired by Mr. Edwin Sabuhoro of Green Journeys Africa. It was such a beautiful event that I couldn’t compare it to any, well I was much eager to attend it again this year until I found difficulties choosing where to be. A friend of mine had told me earlier about the Karamoja Cultural festival locally known as Eyoko tal/ Ekatal before I knew it, about one week to the festival, I found out that the Kwita Izina in Rwanda was on the same day, the Nyege Nyege Festival that everyone had been talking about was on the same day as well. I had to choose where to be. This was one of the toughest decisions to make but guess what I choose the butterfly amazing people. The Karamojong.

A lot has been said about these people a lot has been written and this was my chance to get my view of the stories I have had. Took a bus as early as 3:00am and headed to Namalu in an amazing company of my hosts Ricky and Mirca. The event was a two days occasion. The first day cars from all over flooded the parking and exhibition lot chanting and dancing dressed in beautiful checkered and colorful beads. Even if you can’t tell what the songs mean, some how you just feel the positive vibe and most of all the way the rhythm goes with the amazing high jump. Amazing still these are one the most beautiful tribes Uganda has. No wonder they have the most beautiful park! Kidepo valley national game park.

Beautiful as they are they have a high level of hospitality everyone is happy to see you. The event started with a band everyone dressed in their best cultural attire get to the fields to get ready for the event to start. First all the clans came dancing and chanting one by one. Until they all got done, different clans came with different vibes, a way of presenting themselves. But each clan wanted to be better than the other the tension even made the event more interesting as we got the best from each performance. One would really not have enough for pictures and by this I mean the people that really like culture, because practically if you found a lady or a warrior adorned in his attire you would nearly think he is the best. And there you would be taking a picture and before you knew it. Another warrior was in sight almost better than the previous. The whole field was filled by the beautiful people of Karamoja and their butterfly colors. From this day on I call them the butterfly people, what do you call them?


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